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Ballard to provide fuel cell system for H2Evora hydrogen production project in Portugal

July 27, 2021
By Canadian Manufacturing

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VANCOUVER — On Jul. 27, Ballard Power Systems announced that it has received a purchase order for one of its 200-kilowatt (kW) FCwave(TM) fuel cell modules from Fusion-Fuel, a green hydrogen solutions company headquartered in Portugal, to be integrated into Fusion-Fuel’s H2Evora project in the Évora region of Portugal. The H2Evora project will use Fusion-Fuel’s new HEVO electrolyzer design to produce green hydrogen that will power zero-emission electricity. Ballard plans to deliver the FCwave(TM) module to Fusion-Fuel this year.

Fusion-Fuel’s HEVO electrolyzer is small, lightweight, able to be mass produced and can be combined with a high-efficiency solar cell attached to a specially designed concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar panel in order to leverage the sun’s energy – both electrical and thermal – for production of highly competitive zero-emission green hydrogen. By attaching the HEVO electrolyzer directly to the CPV solution, very high solar-to-electric conversion is enabled, while also generating heat that improves efficiency of the HEVO electrolyzer.

The H2Evora project will be Fusion-Fuel’s first utility-scale solar-to-hydrogen plant, ultimately consisting of 15 HEVO electrolyzers producing close to 15 tons of green hydrogen annually. A portion of this hydrogen will enable generation of over 240MWh of electricity from Ballard’s FCwave(TM) module, which will be fed into Portugal’s grid during periods of peak demand. The Project will permit evaluation of a number of use cases, including: conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy through a fuel cell; hydrogen blending in the natural gas network; and compression and bottling of hydrogen for industrial applications.

Rob Campbell, Ballard’s Chief Commercial Officer noted, “Fusion-Fuel’s H2Evora project is an exciting step in the demonstration of sustainable electricity generation at competitive cost. We are excited to be working with such an innovative company in the clean energy frontier and intend to jointly pursue opportunities for customers seeking to decarbonize their business in an affordable and efficient way.”

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