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Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation secures partnership with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers to reduce CO2

March 9, 2022
By Canadian Manufacturing

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OTTAWA — Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT), an ESG company that leverages natural solutions to tackle climate change, has secured several partners in its bid to build forests in Canada. The company is combining proven techniques together with its learning from Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and forest management tools to maximize its effectiveness and move Canada closer to net-zero.

“As CFT expands its forest footprint across Canada, these partnerships will be essential to our success given the volume and variety we plan to plant,” said Gary Zed, CEO, Canada’s Forest Trust. “A great deal of planning goes into growing healthy Smart Forests™ which not only optimize carbon sequestration but offer economic, social and other environmental benefits.”

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to counting CFT’s reforestation efforts among the 5 billion trees our team has grown to date,” says Rob Miller, Chief Executive Officer, PRT. “We are proud to partner with CFT to build Canadian forests that are climate-adaptable, resilient, and diverse.”

Brinkman Reforestation, responsible for planting over 1.5 billion trees, will supply and manage the professional labour force needed to reforest the land. “There has never been a more important time to be building forests. With 50 years and billions of trees planted, Brinkman is ready to partner with CFT to bring its ambitious plans to fruition,” says Judi Tetro, COO, Brinkman Reforestation Ltd.

Remsoft will be used to optimize resources and asset management of CFT’s Smart Forests. “Remsoft’s data-driven forest intelligence software will help CFT plan and make effective decisions, track progress, and recalibrate as necessary to ensure the long-term health of every Smart Forest,” says Andrea Feunekes, CEO, Remsoft.

Since its inception, CFT has been trying to ensure that Indigenous land knowledge is applied to its forest building initiatives. Utilizing traditional ecological knowledge, Indigenous oversight, Indigenous supply chains and workforce in collaboration with our partners is paramount.

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