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Electrovaya announces results for its solid state hybrid battery technology tests

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Electrovaya announces that it has achieved ~94% capacity retention after 300 cycles, scaled to multilayer pouch cell and demonstrating larger cell formats.

April 18, 2022  By  Canadian Manufacturing

Figure 3: Prototype pouch cell featuring Electrovaya’s solid state hybrid battery technology

TORONTO — Electrovaya Inc., a lithium-ion battery manufacturer with differentiated intellectual property announced on Apr. 13 that it has received performance results for its proprietary solid state hybrid battery (lithium metal) technology at its Electrovaya Labs division. The results reportedly support opportunities to significantly expand Electrovaya’s product offerings and customer base over the long term.

Electrovaya reports that coin cell samples reached 300 cycles with minimal degradation under standard room temperature conditions. These results highlight the ability of the technology to meet passenger automotive applications, which target 800 cycles with 80% capacity retention.

Electrovaya has also achieved scaling to single, two-layer and four-layer pouch cells. These cells have been cycling at room temperature with no external pressure and are following the same trends as the coin cells.

“The fact that Electrovaya has achieved these results without the use of external pressure on the cells and at room temperature showcases the strength of the technology relative to other solid state and lithium metal cell technologies, and will also allow easier adoption in automotive battery pack designs,” said Dr. Raj Das Gupta, COO of Electrovaya.

Electrovaya has a background in manufacturing cells, and their aim is to scale up and manufacture these cells using available methods. The Company is scaling its process to enable development of larger pouch cells, and is accelerating efforts to reach commercial scale for its solid state hybrid technology.

“While our current Infinity Battery product line is proving successful for heavy duty applications including material handling electric vehicles, we are also very excited about this solid state breakthrough technology, which will enable much higher levels of energy density and potentially open up new applications for automotive and aerospace electrification,” said Dr. Sankar Das Gupta, Chairman and CEO of Electrovaya.

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