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EV Technology Group reaches 423 Electric MOKE orders

April 28, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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Photo: EV Technology Group.

TORONTO — EV Technology Group Ltd. wholly owned subsidiary MOKE France SAS, and it’s strategic partner MOKE International Limited have received 423 customer orders for the Electric MOKE – the EV revival of the classic vehicle brand.

“It is a testament to the enduring brand equity of the MOKE that for every MOKE leaving Fablink’s production facility there is a customer waiting for their car. It is exciting to see the popularity of this iconic brand only grow as we look to make the MOKE available in more destinations worldwide,” said Wouter Witvoet, CEO of EV Technology Group.

The MOKE has achieved its 423 orders primarily from ‘direct-to-consumer’ sales, with most customer purchases occurring online at. MOKE orders in France require a deposit payment of €8,000 – €10,000, with balances to be paid upon vehicle delivery, while orders in the UK and Caribbean require deposits of £990. The Electric MOKE has a starting/base price from £29,150 in the United Kingdom excl. VAT, or €29,000 in France incl. VAT.

“Our focus on marketing direct-to-consumers has allowed us to tell the story of the MOKE with engaging, authentic content and build lasting customer relationships,” said Isobel Dando, CEO, MOKE International. “This milestone is just the beginning of the MOKE International team’s growth journey.”

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