Honeywell to study possible upgrades at 22 Charlottetown facilities

June 1, 2021
By Anthony Capkun
Presented by:
Energy manager

June 1, 2021 – Natural Resources Canada reports $175,000 in funding is going to the City of Charlottetown to study the feasibility of undertaking energy retrofits to reduce energy consumption and “improve user comfort and safety”.

Funding is provided through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund’s (GMF) Community Efficiency Financing initiative (CEF).

In this project, Honeywell Energy Services Group will be contracted to study the feasibility of multiple building upgrades at 22 municipal facilities with a total floor area of more than 400,000 sf.

Among these facilities are a police station, a wastewater treatment plant, and several arenas. The study will evaluate the energy, financial and social benefits of retrofitting measures aimed at reducing building energy consumption and GHG emissions, and improving occupant comfort and safety.

Potential measures to be studied include ice plant heat-recovery systems, building automation systems, air- and ground-source heat pumps, solar PV, solar air-heating collectors, a biogas co-generation plant, and systems to protect from airborne viral infection spread indoors.

To support the GMF application, Honeywell conducted an early assessment of eight facilities. Based on that, the initiative will target the following:

• 33% reduction in building energy use across the portfolio (roughly 25% from energy efficiency measures, and 8% from renewable energy generation)

• 22% reduction in water consumption.

• 717 tCO2e reduction in GHG emissions.

FCM reports Honeywell was selected through a competitive bidding process to conduct an investment-grade audit of the study buildings, including conceptual designs of the evaluated measures, energy simulations, cost–benefit analyses, and measurement and verification planning.

The final study will be reviewed by relevant city departments and two municipal corporations before it is taken to City Council for approval. The city will then sign an energy performance contract (EPC) with Honeywell to implement the selected measures and guarantee the energy savings found in the study.

The city will only be billed for the study if it agrees to implement the recommended measures.