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NEO Battery Materials starts design of commercial plant and files PCT patent for silicon anode technology

August 5, 2022
By Canadian Manufacturing
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VANCOUVER — NEO Battery Materials Ltd. announces that the Company has initiated the detailed design of the commercial manufacturing process, and equipment with long lead times are being concurrently procured through the selection of verified manufacturers. NEO has also filed a Patent Cooperation Treaty patent regarding a key silicon anode material technology to build a robust international patent portfolio.

Commercial Plant: Detailed Design Initiation, Equipment Procurement & Construction-Related Permits
NEO Battery Materials has completed the basic manufacturing design in July 2022 and has subsequently initiated the detailed design of the Silicon Anode Commercial Plant. The detailed design expands on and determines the details in each area of the process, devices, piping, electrical systems, and controls based on the completed basic design. The specifications of the unit facilities will be determined according to the production capacity and characteristics of NBMSiDE™, NEO’s silicon anode materials.

Concurrently, for the procurement of long lead items, the Company is in the process of selecting equipment manufacturers whose technology has been verified, and the Request for Quote (RFQ) has been forwarded to the potential manufacturers. The detailed design is expected to be completed in October 2022.

Through the cooperation with the Provincial Government of Gyeonggi, NEO Battery Materials is actively in the process of receiving construction-related permits regarding the Commercial Plant, and after selecting a construction contractor, the initial construction work will commence on the Oseong International Investment Zone in Pyeongtaek City, Gyeonggi-do.

Following the patent application filed to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (“KIPO”) in October 2021, the Company has additionally filed this key silicon anode technology patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) to bolster NEO’s international patent portfolio.

This core patent is with regards to the nanocoating layers on the silicon particles to prevent the volumetric expansion problem and enhance the electrical conductivity of the silicon anode during the charging and discharging mechanism (lithiation/delithiation).