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NOVA Chemicals establishes BOPE-HD film supply for recyclable packaging

May 3, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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CALGARY — NOVA Chemicals Corporation, a supplier of polyethylene resin for food packaging, announced a milestone in the global availability of biaxially oriented high-density polyethylene (BOPE-HD) film. Utilizing NOVA Chemicals’ resin, biaxial film manufacturers across the globe have produced BOPE-HD film on commercial tenter frame lines. BOPE-HD film is a fully recyclable alternative to traditional, non-recyclable, mixed material films for flexible packaging. Its use extends the life of plastic packaging, helping to eliminate waste.

NOVA Chemicals announced SURPASS® TX150-A resin in 2020 as a BOPE-HD resin specifically designed to run in the tenter frame process, for the production of BOPE-HD film. Strategic relationships were formed between biaxial film manufacturers and NOVA Chemicals, to deliver the BOPE-HD films to market, and meet the growing global demand for fully recyclable packaging. The collaborators include Inteplast (United States), JK Materials (South Korea), Oben Group (Ecuador), and Polivouga (Portugal).

Inteplast’s Director of Research and Development and Technology, Rafael Bayona shared, “Producing BOPE-HD film was not a simple process. This was a major transformation that demanded persistence and dedication, and we are confident in our ability to reliably produce BOPE-HD film. The collaboration and feedback we have received from our customers has been a key factor for our success.”

Converters purchasing BOPE-HD films can expect a sustainable product ideal for various applications such as meat and poultry, cheese, seafood, snack food, carton liners, baked goods, fresh produce, frozen foods, deli bags, and more. Aurum Process Technology, a packaging company in Spain, leveraged BOPE-HD to enhance their highly efficient aseptic industrial cooking and packaging method, T-Sensation® process technology. This effort resulted in finished particulate food, ready meals, and pet food in fully recyclable, mono-material packaging.

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