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Pan-Canadian coalition pushes for action on climate resilience

June 28, 2021
By Canadian Manufacturing

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Climate Proof Canada Research – Canadians want government action on severe weather (CNW Group/Insurance Bureau of Canada)

TORONTO — A new coalition believes that Canada has the opportunity to better protect people from the growing effects of climate change and help communities prepare for – and adapt to – future challenges, including the increasing risk of climate-related disasters.

Climate Proof Canada has launched, a broad coalition of insurance industry representatives, municipalities, Indigenous organizations, environmental non-government organizations (NGOs) and research organizations. The coalition is encouraging the federal government to take action now to create a culture of preparedness and build a more disaster-resilient country.

To address this growing challenge across a massive country, governments need to develop the capacity to better coordinate strategy and implement actions that keep our homes and communities safe from the increasing impacts of severe weather.

That is why the Climate Proof Canada coalition is calling on the federal government to better defend Canadians by:

  • Prioritizing the completion of the National Climate Adaptation Strategy, ensuring it protects people and infrastructure from the threat of increased flooding, wildfire, heat, drought and extreme weather events, with specific recognition of and attention to the disproportionate impacts of these events on Indigenous peoples and vulnerable communities. This strategy should incorporate measurable targets, leverage private-sector capacity and promote nature-based solutions;
  • Appointing an advisor on national disaster resilience to inform and advise Cabinet and the Prime Minister’s Office on the rapidly changing landscape of climate-based and other risks;
  • Extending and enhancing its recent work to reduce the risk and impact of flooding across Canada; and
    Ensuring that sustainable finance initiatives help public and private sector organizations assess, disclose and manage escalating physical risks.

The Climate Proof Canada coalition believes that with prompt and comprehensive government action, Canada can be better positioned to cope with these emerging and accelerating challenges.

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