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[SPONSORED] Global Energy Show: Connecting the energy industry’s leaders

May 2, 2023 | By Bob Sumner, Director, Parker Media

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Global Energy Show Strategic Conference

The energy sector is at the center of a global debate on whether traditional fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal or renewable sources like solar, wind, and geothermal should power the world. The need for a lower-carbon economy is driving regulators and power producers to seek out sustainable solutions. The Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference, now in its 55th year, is the perfect forum for attendees to engage, network, and learn about sustainability strategies, new cleantech initiatives, and decarbonization.

According to Senior Vice President of dmg events, Nick Samain, the name of the exhibition changed from the Global Petroleum Show to the Global Energy Show in 2020 to reflect the changes in the energy sector and the need for cleaner technology and reduced emissions. The show promises to be North America’s only comprehensive, integrated energy event, where Canada can showcase its vision and leadership in addressing global challenges with real-world solutions.

The show’s organizers are proud to represent the oil and gas industry. Still, they also recognize that large petroleum-based producers with international operations are leading the way in a changing industry. Canada’s six largest oil-sands producers created Pathways Alliance, committing themselves to supply global energy needs while achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Alberta, home to the Travers Solar Project, is renowned for its oil and gas production and sees considerable investment in renewables.

The energy sector has evolved, and the need to meet energy demands is no longer a debate about petroleum versus renewables. The Global Energy Show offers debates and discussions that influence policies and investments. The event attracts representatives from over 111 countries and is the perfect B2B exhibition and conference to converse about Canadian energy and its supply chain with an international audience.

The Global Energy Show is billed as North America’s only exhibition featuring the entire value chain and is its largest B2B exhibition and conference. The show floor will host over 600 exhibitors, and the event features a strategic and technical conference, special presentations, and interactive roundtable discussions. The 2023 strategic conference will discuss topics such as the vital role of oil and gas in a functioning economy, cleantech investments and renewable energy, and the potential of hydrogen to power our lives.

Over 30,000 participants are expected to attend the event, with 22,500 companies doing business. Experts and industry leaders will discuss the future of energy and technology at The Global Energy Technical Conference, while the Top 3 Strategic Conference Panels will discuss geopolitical situations and their impact on the energy transition, nuclear energy, and the great carbon capture debate.

The Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference is a three-day event that supercharges the energy industry and serves as a platform for attendees to share global energy challenges and solutions. With the world’s energy needs evolving, the Global Energy Show offers an opportunity for policymakers, investors, and industry leaders to come together, explore new technologies and innovations, and find sustainable solutions to energy-related challenges.


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