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Who’s speaking at the Expo? Part 2

June 10, 2024
By Manure Manager

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The North American Manure Expo is approaching quickly. Held July 13-14 in Auburn, NY, the Expo will feature networking, tours, demonstrations, trade shows, education sessions and so much more.

Returning this year, after a massively successful debut in Wisconsin, will be a safety and operations knowledge event in which experts share best practices on staying safe when working with manure. And, as always, there will be plenty of networking opportunities – on the tour buses, in the fields, at the exhibitor booths and at our evening BBQ social.

One Expo tradition that remains popular is the education sessions. On the second day, attendees can attend up to four sessions, for which they can gain valuable credits. Sessions include topics such as: manure emissions during processing; interaction of cover crops and manure; manure innovations of the Northeast and more.

Here are just some of the industry experts who will present at the Expo:

Carol Adair

Session: Biochar to suppress emissions from manure applications
As a global change ecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist, Carol Adair uses theory, experimentation, and quantitative methods to understand ecosystem responses to natural and anthropogenic environmental change. She believes that understanding and predicting the response of ecosystems to environmental changes is crucial for sustaining and managing important ecosystems.

Heather Darby

Session: Biochar to suppress emissions from manure applications
As an extension agronomist and soils specialist, Heather Darby works with the dairy farming community on a wide range of crop and soil topics that are important to the farming community. Her recent research has been focused on reducing nutrient losses from manure to optimize crop production, farm viability while minimizing impact on the environment.

Jason Oliver

Session: Manure practices for greenhouse gas mitigation and climate resiliency
Jason Oliver is the senior extension associate and dairy environmental systems engineer with Cornell PRO-DAIRY, and a faculty fellow at the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. He has a PhD in biosystems engineering from the University of Minnesota and has been conducting on-farm, applied research and outreach for more than 10 years. His expertise includes the development of practical solutions and biotechnologies for the treatment of manure, emissions, effluents and greenhouse gases from livestock facilities.

Jacob Hickman

Session: Manure tech decision support tool: Applications and optimization for dairy and swine
Jacob Hickman is a systems analyst at the University of Arkansas Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness in Fayetteville, AR. Jacob has a masters degree in biological engineering from the University of Arkansas. His focus on the decision support tool project has been sensitivity testing of inputs, building the user interface, and validation of calculations.

Glen Arnold

Session: In-season manure application to growing crops
Glen Arnold is a professor with The Ohio State University and serves as an extension field specialists in the area of manure nutrient management application.

His research efforts have been to move livestock producers and commercial manure applicators toward applying manure to wheat and corn during the crop growing season to capture more of the manure nutrients and extend the manure application season.

Melissa Wilson

Session: In-season manure application to growing crops
Dr. Melissa Wilson is an associate professor and extension specialist, manure nutrient management and water quality with the University of Minnesota. Her research program focuses on two aspects: evaluating manure handling techniques that reduce impacts on water quality; and filling knowledge gaps about manure nutrient cycling as farming practices and technologies change.

Brendan Jordan

Session: Whole farm approach to manure application and soil conservation
Brendan got his start in agriculture on his grandparent’s dairy farm in St. Lawrence County where he developed an appreciation for farmers and the hard work it takes to make their businesses successful. Brendan attended SUNY Cobleskill and earned his bachelor’s degree in plant science. He currently works for the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets as a CNMP Specialist. Before working for that state of New York, Brendan had experience in a number of agricultural service positions including retail sales, agronomic recommendation and custom agricultural services. His interests outside of agriculture revolve around his wife and daughter and an old Dodge pickup he is rebuilding named Blue.

Jason Burroughs

Session: Whole farm approach to manure application and soil conservation
Jason Burroughs up on a small dairy farm in Homer, NY, where he first developed a passion for growing crops, taking care of the soils and love for farming in general. He attended SUNY Cobleskill and received an Associate’s degree in Ag Engineering and then went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in dairy farm business management at Cornell University. He is one of the owners of Aurora Ridge Group, and has been farming in Cayuga County for around 28 years. His primary responsibilities are overseeing the crop operations and nutrient management for the two dairies.

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