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Worksport announces Solis and COR pre-order sales

August 18, 2022 | By Canadian Manufacturing

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RICHMOND HILL — Worksport Ltd. and its subsidiaries, announce that the Company expects between US$350,000-$450,000 in unrealized revenue for pre-orders of SOLIS, the Company’s proprietary solar truck bed tonneau cover, and COR, its portable energy storage system. Given the limited marketing efforts, the company says that the pre-sale has exceeded expectations and management believes the data collected is very promising. The Company, following the official launch of the Worksport eCommerce website, will prepare its dedicated product marketing campaigns with pre-sales of SOLIS and COR expected to be more robust.

Worksport is inventing a new category for mobile power generation and off-grid energy storage,” said Worksport CEO Steven Rossi. “SOLIS and COR are new, out of the box ideas, that we believe will disrupt the EV and ESS industries. Current pre-sales have helped us understand who will be buying SOLIS and COR. We now know our customer much better, which has been necessary to build marketing campaigns for these two products that could have the potential to change lifestyles.”

“Having a truck is more of a lifestyle choice,” added Rossi. “It could be used for everyday driving, off-roading, camping, and home or business projects. Owners want off-grid portable and renewable green energy – and view the SOLIS and COR system as reflecting their own commitment to the future of the environment.”

“The SOLIS and COR pre-sale efforts are necessary to determine how many units would be needed for initial manufacturing, which is expected to begin in Q4 2022 at Worksport’s West Seneca, NY facility. Investors and shareholders will be interested to know that as SOLIS and COR approach full scale production, we are planning marketing campaigns aimed at securing as many pre-orders as possible before the end of 2022,” Rossi said. “The market for SOLIS and COR doesn’t fit into a neat and pre-existing niche – we are pioneering a new and very large market, and now we know much better what it is and who is in it. That should make Worksport’s production and marketing that much more smooth and more targeted as a result. It was time and investment well spent. Worksport is eager to get these very exciting breakthrough products in the hands of customers which have demonstrated how excited they are by pre-ordering months in advance. This is an important milestone for the Company, and we look forward to delivering our products to the larger markets as USA manufacturing comes fully online. Our team is hard at work to build capacity to meet the higher-than-expected demand based on these preliminary results.”

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