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Worksport’s Terravis System™ moves into final stages of development

February 15, 2022
By Canadian Manufacturing

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MISSISSAUGA — Worksport Ltd, seeking to capitalize on the growing shift of consumer mindsets towards clean energy with its proprietary solar and green hydrogen-based technologies, has completed all required testing on the pre-production prototype of the Terravis System™, including the Terravis SOLIS & Terravis COR energy storage systems.

Management reports that the supply chain is intact with no anticipated delays for the upcoming final production prototypes. Delays in receiving the prototype’s removable batteries were a result of logistic failures from the shipper and were resolved by the end of 2021. Having successfully undergone multiple testing phases with minimal changes needed, production for the Terravis System™ is scheduled to begin by the end of March 2022, with subsequent deliveries to reservation holders in Q2 2022.

The Terravis System’s overall design reportedly outperformed the expectations of internal electrical engineering teams.

“The Terravis System™ inverter voltage waveform features such low harmonic distortion (< 2%) that it’s possibly the only inverter we tested in our R&D lab that earned the label ‘pure sine wave’,” said Worksport Director of Engineering, Dr. Rafael Oliveira. Management said production models will most likely have greater performance and is considering releasing some of the production prototypes to early adopters that were among the first to reserve their COR. “We are extremely pleased with the test results from the Terravis System™ prototype and look forward to progressing into full scale production. It will be exciting to see the public adopt this technology and witness the adaptation of solar into our daily, very mobile lives,” said Worksport CEO Steven Rossi.

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