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Zinc8 Energy Solutions provides an update on the progress of their energy storage technology

May 12, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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Zinc8 Energy Solutions Announces Progress on Their Energy Storage Technology and Provides Corporate Update (CNW Group/Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc.)

VANCOUVER — Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. provided an update as to the progression of their technology. In 2023, two additional US patents were granted bringing the Company’s total portfolio to 16 international patents which cover major markets in North America, Asia, and Europe, and 5 additional patents under review. These patents protect the Company’s interests by ensuring that they can control commercial use and success of the technology.

Zinc8’s technical development team has worked towards the next-generation fuel cell stack that is expected to outperform the company’s previous design iteration completed for a North American cloud provider. The improvements target higher reliability and higher power performance resulting from higher fuel utilization and more efficient electrochemical process that are designed to meet New York Power Authority’s specifications and requirements.

Zinc8 says they have improved its in-house rapid prototyping and testing capabilities to meet NYPA’s timeline. These activities are expected to validate several proprietary methods for controlling and monitoring stack performance that can lead to multiple IP opportunities.

Zinc8 has expanded its R&D team while increasing its small-scale testing capabilities by introducing various characterization tools and methods.

The Zinc8 team says they have refined the understanding of charge and discharge operations and has identified critical parameters towards reaching the target goal of 20,000 hours of run time (at rated power capacity) per stack replacement.

The team has tested and identified alternative raw materials for use in the cathodes in an effort to increase the resilience against supply chain disruptions.

The production process has reportedly been refined under trade-secret to make advancements in production scaling and quality control.

The production team has produced 60+ kW’s of cathode material to support development activities for 2023.

Zinc8 has installed new cathode pilot-plant production equipment for advancing to a MW-production facility in Vancouver BC. It has been commissioned and initial procedures have been developed for production scaling.
Using the new cathode pilot plant production equipment, the team has been able to produce a 10-meter-long, continuous sheet of electrode that can be implemented in roll-to-roll manufacturing for MW production.

Zinc8 says they have completed deliverables for contractors to bid for the site prep work. This includes manuals, site drawings, internal layout of components, and circuit designs.

Zinc8 has assessed the suitability of a facility in Kingston, New York, for product manufacturing. The evaluation involved scrutinizing several aspects of the building, including its layout; accessibility to gas, electric and water services; construction quality; and loading docks, among others. Collaborating with NY contractors to identify and define the company’s specific requirements for the production plant, such as layout and potential throughput and needed space for each subassembly station.

“It’s been a journey in supporting the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy,” says Ron MacDonald, President, CEO, and Director of Zinc8. “To see support from various US government levels, our company’s shift towards scaling up of our technology needs internal alignment so we can integrate more renewable energy into the energy mix for our clients.”

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