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Blade Air acquires

September 12, 2023 | By Canadian Manufacturing

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TORONTO — Blade Air, a Canadian manufacturer of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, has acquired, a Toronto-based startup specializing in smart electromagnetic HVAC filters.

With this acquisition, Blade Air has access to patents and technology that will advance the next generation of its ‘Blade Air Smart IAQ Platform’ – enabling businesses, real estate groups and facilities managers to access data regarding their indoor air quality.

Blade Air is overseeing and improving air quality in over 540 million cubic feet of building space for Fortune 500 Companies, governments, hospitals and educational boards.

“As environmental concerns continue to grow, including the recent pandemic and devastating forest fires, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to both reduce their carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality for both workers and customers,” says Blade Air CEO Aedan Fida. “Our commitment is to become a global leader in air quality, while addressing pressing environmental challenges at the heart of the buildings, facilities and neighbourhoods we work and live in as a society.”

Blade Air’s Smart IAQ Platform integrates with existing HVAC systems, with companies experiencing up to a 50 per cent reduction in scheduled maintenance labour, longer filter life (further lowering operational costs) and reduced carbon emissions.

The Blade Air Pro Filter Series is particularly effective at capturing airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, seasonal pollen, and mould while eliminating odours and smoke without disrupting workspaces.

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