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Federal government announces investment in Gatineau, Que. clean hydrogen project

February 2, 2024
By Canadian Manufacturing

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GATINEAU — Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Steven MacKinnon, MP for Gatineau, announced an investment of more than $3.3 million in Gazifère Inc. for a clean fuels project in Gatineau, Quebec, for a total project cost of over $7.3 million.

The investment will support Gazifère in conducting a hydrogen blending feasibility study. Specifically, the study will assess the development of a water electrolysis facility that would allow for the injection of low-carbon hydrogen to help decarbonize Gazifère’s gas distribution network across the Outaouais region. This result is estimated to reduce emissions by over 18,000 tonnes annually by displacing nearly 10 million cubic metres of conventional gas per year. Gazifère will seek further emissions reductions through waste-heat recovery.

This investment will help unlock growth in Canada’s clean fuels market and lay the groundwork for the low-carbon fuels of the future. These initiatives are important to the growth of Canada’s clean fuels industry in order to keep pace with the global demand to act on climate change while bolstering energy security and delivering affordability.

“Today, Canada reaffirmed its commitment to advancing low-carbon energy solutions with a $3.3-million investment in Gazifère Inc.’s clean fuels project in Gatineau, Quebec. This hydrogen blending feasibility project will help advance the decarbonization of Gazifère’s gas distribution network while creating jobs and unlocking innovation in Canada’s clean fuels market,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

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