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Hillcrest commences manufacturing of ZVS-enabled power modules

June 22, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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Hillcrest ZVS-enabled Power Module (CNW Group/Hillcrest Energy Technologies Ltd.)

VANCOUVER — Hillcrest Energy Technologies, a clean technology company involved in power conversion technologies and advanced control system solutions, provided shareholders an update on recent activities.

With the design phase now complete, the Company is now manufacturing a silicon carbide (SiC) power module prototype optimized for Hillcrest’s proprietary Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) technology. Manufacturing is taking place at the facilities of the Company’s strategic partner, Systematec GmbH, in Germany.

The integration of the Company’s ZVS-enabled power module into the Hillcrest SiC traction inverter will create a ZVS-optimized SiC traction inverter.

Hillcrest Chief Technology Officer, Ari Berger, commented, “We’ve already demonstrated industry-leading results with our current ZVS-enabled SiC traction inverter. Integrating these new power modules into our inverter allows us to maximize the benefits of our ZVS technology. We are now able to deploy further improvements in switching control and operation at higher switching frequencies to achieve even more impressive levels of power density, system efficiency and further reductions in electromagnetic interference (EMI) behaviour for applications up to 1,000 volts.”

Hillcrest Chief Commercialization Officer, James Bolen, added, “The EV industry is shifting toward the use of power modules and away from the use of discrete power solutions because they are complicated, have significant power limitations and take up valuable space. The Hillcrest ZVS-enabled power module addresses this trend and offers all the advantages of our ZVS technology coupled with the significant improvements in size, reliability, design capabilities and reduced time to market.”

Power modules are a critical component in all high energy-density power conversion equipment, such as automotive traction inverters. They consist of a substrate containing power semiconductor devices (silicon carbide dies), connected to form a circuit that provides excellent electrical and thermal contact and insulation. Hillcrest’s ZVS power module prototypes are being developed in collaboration with the Company’s strategic partner, Systematec GmbH, with Hillcrest retaining all intellectual property.

The Hillcrest SiC traction inverter harnesses the power of the Company’s proprietary ZVS technology platform.

Dynamic load demonstration testing with a specialized motor provided by a Global Tier One Automotive Supplier is underway at Hillcrest’s R&D lab in Vancouver. Completion of the tests and the Global Supplier’s acceptance of the results are expected next month and will conclude milestone two of the Company’s previously announced joint development project. Work then starts on the next milestone which includes a series of on-site demonstrations at the customer’s facilities. Upon successful completion of all milestones, Hillcrest and the Global Tier One Automotive Supplier anticipate entering into a definitive commercial agreement.

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