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REACTINE® and Tree Canada announce collaboration in Canada

May 19, 2022
By Canadian Manufacturing

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TORONTO — Johnson & Johnson Inc., makers of REACTINE®, announced a strategic partnership with Tree Canada to try and create a shorter allergy season. As part of this collaboration, REACTINE® is sponsoring a portion of Tree Canada’s National Greening Program, where more than 800,000 trees will be planted across Canada this year.

Studies have revealed that climate change has been linked to a longer allergy season, affecting Canadians who experience seasonal allergies. Reforestation and tree planting can help counteract climate change by capturing carbon, the excess of which can increase the Greenhouse Effect, a contributor to climate change.

“This new collaboration with Tree Canada is one step in advancing our company’s pledge to tackle environmental and human health challenges, through our Healthy Lives Mission,” says Cory Price, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Inc. (Consumer Health Canada).4 “Like Tree Canada, we are committed to taking action by finding innovative solutions that will ultimately improve and protect the health of Canadian consumers, communities and our planet.”

REACTINE® will be working with Tree Canada to support the planting of more than 5,800 seedlings across the country as part of Tree Canada’s National Greening Program. The sponsorship will also go towards ‘Treemendous Communities,’ one of Tree Canada’s community tree grant programs, to help a local organization identify better methods for planting mini urban forests.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with REACTINE®,” says Michael Petryk, director of operations, Tree Canada. “Trees have a positive impact on communities by reducing air pollution and providing oxygen. This collaboration will support our work to plant trees across the country to help grow better places to live.”

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