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Sigma Lithium receives payment for sale of green lithium

May 26, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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Green Tailings being prepared for shipment, to be upcycled into battery grade lithium concentrate

VANCOUVER — SIGMA Lithium Corporation announces that it is delivering on its “Zero Tailings” environmental sustainability strategy.

The Company received the first payment on its first shipment under the Green Tailings Environmental Offtake to sell 100% of its Green Tailings for up to three years to Yahua International Investment and Development Co., Ltd. Sigma Lithium’s Zero Tailings strategy ensures that lithium material is neither wasted nor consigned to environmentally hazardous tailings dams.

The Green Tailings Environmental Offtake agreement signed on May 3, 2023, comprises the sale of up to 300,000 tonnes of Green Tailings per year for up to three years to be upcycled into battery grade lithium concentrate for use in electric vehicle battery production. In addition, the Company concurrently entered into a spot sale agreement with Yahua for the sale of 15,000 tonnes of Green Lithium.

Yahua is one of the largest lithium chemical refiners for electric vehicles in the world, with customer relationships that include LG Chem, LG Energy Solution and leading OEMs.

“Achieving Zero Tailings marks a major milestone for Sigma Lithium and for the battery materials industry, demonstrating that lithium battery materials can be produced in harmony with the environment and without hazardous tailings dams,” said Ana Cabral-Gardner, Sigma Lithium CEO and Co-Chairperson. “Our Zero Tailings strategy enables Sigma Lithium to lead the way in the inception of a sustainable global supply chain for the next generation of electric vehicles built in line with the ethos of the consumer to meet the accelerated global demand for lithium.”

“Reaching Zero Tailings is a result of our consistent investments in clean technologies over the last five years to deliver on our commitment to achieve a green process flowsheet for lithium materials. The successful operation of our Greentech Plant, which uses 100% renewable energy, 100% recycled water and 100% dry-stacked tailings, is a testament to this commitment and a model of environmental sustainability.”

“As a producer of Green Lithium, Sigma Lithium is helping to elevate Brazil’s role in the energy transition while creating a positive impact on the communities in Vale do Jequitinhonha, also known as Lithium Valley, through our continued collaboration with federal and state government leaders.”

Sigma Lithium began trucking Green Lithium and Green Tailings in April 2023, stockpiling the materials in its two warehouses at Vitoria Port in preparation for its first shipment. Green Lithium and Green Tailings shipment volume continues to increase daily and is on track to achieve the expected ramp-up volumes for 2023.

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