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LiTHOS Group commences mfg. of AcQUA™ field system

March 26, 2024
By Canadian Manufacturing

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VANCOUVER — LiTHOS Group Ltd. announces that it has commenced manufacturing of a demonstration scale AcQUA™ modular field unit. The AcQUA™ system assembly is scheduled for factory acceptance testing four (4) months from Mar. 26 which places this milestone in July of this year. Once the modular AcQUA™ system passes factory acceptance testing it will immediately be deployed to the field for site acceptance testing which requires 1500 hours (approximately ~2.5 months) of operational performance validation with each customer.

Scott Taylor, CEO of LiTHOS, stated: “This milestone is what we have been working towards since day one. Given the maturity of the supply chain and demonstrated performance of our patent-pending electro-pressure membrane AcQUA™ technology stack, our aim was to demonstrate bench scale results with customer field brines and move immediately to the field to deliver results. When we bought the technology, we also acquired a robust, and proven commercial-scale supply chain. We are on track to earn revenue in the 4th quarter of 2024. More details will be disclosed when permissible.”

Lithium is manufacturing advanced metals due to aggressive ambitious electrification efforts to limit CO2 emissions. This global demand is underpinned by the adoption of EV’s and the installation of gigawatts of intermittent solar power generation capacity requiring partial battery storage solutions.

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