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Sigma Lithium promotes three internal senior leadership stewards to co-General Managers

October 9, 2023
By Canadian Manufacturing

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General Managers with Sigma Lithium’s CEO

SAO PAULO — Sigma Lithium Corporation, a global lithium producer, announced the internal promotions of three senior leaders, rewarding their operational accomplishments.

Sigma Lithium is formally appointing as co-General Managers the Director of Mining Reinaldo Brandao, Director of Processing Keith Prentice, and Director of Geology and Regional Institutional Relations Iran Zan. For almost four months they have successfully overseen Sigma Lithium’s technical operations on-site in Brazil. They live permanently in Aracuai, at Vale do Jequitinhonha.

Brandao and Prentice have most recently been responsible for the critical commissioning and production ramp up of the Company’s Greentech Plant, including the re-engineering of the tailings dry-stacking/water reusage circuit to full functionality and subsequent achievement of peak daily production annualized at 320,000 tonnes/year.

The have been working with the company since 2022 and have led their respective teams of mining and processing on-site, during the execution of the construction of the Greentech Plant and Mine of Phase 1. In addition to their operational roles, they also lead the detailed engineering of Sigma Lithium’s Production expansion.

Iran Zan was the second employee hired by Sigma in 2012. He has had multiple leadership roles: senior geologist, operational director, director of regional institutional relations and head of geology. During the pandemic in 2020, Iranbecame operational director on-site. Subsequently he became Director of Regional Institutional Relations and Head of Geology.

CEO Ana Cabral championed their promotions, which demonstrate the meritocracy at the core of Sigma Lithium’s culture.

“Reinaldo and Keith are consistent and stedfast leaders who have played critical roles in challenging times during commissioning back in the summer of 2023, when we were held back by the tailings dry-stacking circuit,” said Cabral. “We were innovating, and we were in uncharted territory. They embraced our purpose, took on the challenge and never relented in their quest to engineer the ultra-fine tailings dry-stacking circuit allowing the Greentech Plant to reach 320,000 tonnes of annualized production volumes. As a result, they enabled our goal of producing lithium with zero hazardous chemicals and zero tailings,”

“Iran has been a “lifer” at Sigma, employee number two. He has embodied our ethos and purpose since the beginning. A geologist by training, he has had multiple roles, including operational director during the pandemic, while we were in development and pre-construction. That was a pivotal moment when we instituted an international engineering firm, replacing Promon, a Brazilian company, to execute detailed engineering and subsequently construction of the Greentech Plant,” she continued.

“We have a special teamwork culture. As we set our sights on the future, I am confident that their continued dedication, expertise, and leadership will be a driving force in Sigma Lithium’s ongoing success,” Cabral concluded.

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